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Finally… we have decided to travel to Amsterdam! This is one of the cities that you have to visit at least once in your life. For this reason, in Buendía we have thought of offering a guide that is up to the task of that trip. To visit a city, part of the country if you want, you have to get into the shoes of its inhabitants and try, together with visits to the most representative monuments, to know the customs of the place.

In our Amsterdam guide, prepared by locals and experts, of course, you will find the most important monuments and places of the city, but we also offer you options for sleeping, the best plans in Amsterdam to eat, have a beer or go shopping. All this without forgetting those more alternative plans that definitely shape the character of this fascinating capital.

Travel to Amsterdam

We all know Amsterdam for its universal symbols: tulips, mills, its delicious cheeses, Anne Frank or the canals. What happens is that what Amsterdam proposes goes beyond the stamps on its postcards. Living Amsterdam is something else and that is what we want to do in Buendía, live the city. Get to know the Red Light District first-hand and at the same time immerse yourself in the debate of the freed. Get closer to its coffee shops by re-examining the policies that made Amsterdam the capital of freedom.

All cultures and all forms seem to have a place in the city. Amsterdam is a city vast in culture. A city where you have to walk through its museums is the home of Van Gogh, for example, a city that has a gastronomy beyond its cheeses or an offer for its surroundings as important as in its centers. You have to visit Amsterdam for everything that makes it famous ... and for everything that makes it special.

The best trip to Amsterdam

What is the best trip to Amsterdam? One that nothing is left out, that's for sure. To help you organize, this guide will be very useful. You have to visit the places that are part of its history and part of the history of Europe: Dam Square, the canals of Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House Museum, the Royal Palace, the Old Church (Oude Kerk) ...

But on days in the city, you also have to save time to enjoy its beers, how can we go without trying any of them? Visit the rooms of one of its museums: the Van Gogh museum, unique in the world, or The historical or resistance museum (just to give two examples), voices of the Second World War in the country. Visiting their factories is always a good option, also attractive for the little ones, since alternative plans for Amsterdam are always a good option.