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Imagina, si estuvieras planeando un viaje a Bruselas, tener una guía en la que, te contarán no sólo lo más importante que hay que ver, sino todo aquello que es fundamental para una estancia inolvidable: las mejores cervecerías, los lugares más típicos para comer, el mejor chocolate belga, los lugares más alternativos de la ciudad…

In Buendía Tours… we made that guide. We make it from the vision of those who live there, who know and enjoy it like no one else. In this guide we offer you the most authentic plans in Brussels, the best shops, the activities that you cannot miss and, of course, we tell you the best way to discover its most representative monuments.

Travel to brussels

Brussels is not only the capital of Europe par excellence. The trip to Brussels will allow you to discover a city with a fascinating history, full of legends and indelible characters. You will know the cult of chocolate and beer in a unique way in the world. You will see an exceptional way to merge cultures and times and show the visitor the best of one and the other. And, above all, you will enjoy a city in which culture, gastronomy, art and leisure plans emerge at every corner.

Beyond the European Council, beyond the indisputable symbol of the city, its famous Manneken Pis, even beyond the Grand Place (and it seems that beyond the Grand Place there can be nothing ...), Brussels surprises in its buildings, in their customs, on all the terraces that are the unalterable allies of Belgian beer, an unequaled ambassador, in its markets where everything and everyone come together.

In short, traveling to Brussels is always a good idea. A city does not become an increasingly appreciated destination if what it offers is not good ... and Brussels is really good.

The best trip to Brussels

Let us reveal a secret to you, the first of this guide about Brussels. Of course, you have to see this city its essential monuments, but you also have to enjoy it in the way that its inhabitants enjoy it. The Belgian character is part of this city. That is why in Buendía we are delighted to be able to offer you the most authentic plans, the most up-to-date information on its museums, its parks ... and any information that will help you on your trip: locations, transportation methods, the best moments of the day for visits, the most alternative venues and the plans that only a Belgian would write down on his agenda