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Royal Palace of Brussels

In the heart of the European capital is one of the most popular buildings in the city: The Royal Palace of Brussels (Palais Royal in french). Located in the upper area of ​​Brussels, it is the emblem of the stateliest part of the city, just a few minutes from the Grand Place, the Palace of Justice or the Sablon neighborhood.

  • Detalles del Palacio Real De Bruselas
    Detalles del Palacio Real De Bruselas
  • Jardín del Palacio Real de Bruselas
    Jardín del Palacio Real de Bruselas
  • Vista aérea del Palacio Real de Bruselas
    Vista aérea del Palacio Real de Bruselas
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Construction of the Royal Palace in Brussels

This Palace dates from the beginning of the 19th century and began to be built in the Dutch era, during the reign of William I. In the time of Leopold II, the palace in the center of Brussels underwent several reforms until it finished with the appearance it currently looks. The architect Alphonse Balat was in charge of the works, which were completed in 1865. Leopold II was also in charge of the works of the new royal residence in Laeken, where the kings of Brussels currently live.


Currently the Palace is used to host events, meetings, ministries and rooms for Heads of State when they visit the country. By the way, keep in mind that the royal residence has been in Laeken since 1831, very close to the Atomiun and the Church of Our Lady of Laeken, where the kings are buried.

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Curiosities of the Royal Palace

Do you want to know the way to discover if the king is in the Royal Palace? It is very simple. You just need to look at the Belgian flag that presides over the building. If the flag is raised, the king is in the Palace!!

The coronation of Philip II in 1555, when Charles V abdicated, is represented in the paintings on the walls of the palace. This event took place in the ancient Coudenberg Palace and not in the current one. The ruins of the old palace can be visited at the Coudenberg Museum.

When to visit the Royal Palace?

It is only possible to visit the Royal Palace of Brussels during one time of the year: from July 21, the day that coincides with the national holiday, until mid-September. If you visit the city in those months of the year, discover the history of the Royal Palace on our free tour of Brussels.

Location of the Royal Palace


  • Horario

    21 Julio a 15 Septiembre

    • 10:00 a 16:30 h - Martes a Domingo
  • Precio

    • Gratis

How to get to the Royal Palace

  • Metro

    • Líneas 1 y 5 - Parada "Parc"
  • Tranvía

    • Línea 92 y 94 - Parada "Palais"
  • Bus

    • Líneas 38 y 71 - Parada "Royale"
    • Líneas 21, 27, 71 y 95 - Parada "Ducale"