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European Comission

The Berlaymont building houses the headquarters of the European Commission. The place where the great projects of the old continent are developed. The European Quarter is an essential visit to know the most vibrant side of Brussels, discover it in our Free Tour European Quarter

  • La Comisión Europea en el Edificio Berlaymont
    La Comisión Europea en el Edificio Berlaymont
  • Edificio Berlaymont, donde funciona la Comisión Europea
    Edificio Berlaymont, donde funciona la Comisión Europea
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The Berlaymont Building

During the 1960s the building was built to make the headquarters of the European Commission. Construction took a few years and it wasn't until 1969 that it opened. It is located at the end of Rue de Loi, in the center of the European quarter.

The building occupies 240,000 square meters. With 3,000 staff, it has meeting rooms, television studios, a restaurant and conference rooms. The building was designed by Lucien de Vestel and consists of a 17-story tall cross. The tower is star-shaped with four wings.

Berlaymont Building Remodeling

In 1991 the structure of the building was completely remodeled because it was discovered that the construction contained asbestos, a toxic substance. The remodeling lasted more than a decade and it was not until 2004 when the building reopened. As with the European Commission (Schuman) metro stop, the works are controversial and slow. The renovation was carried out by architects Pierre Lallemand, Steven Beckers and Willfried Van Campenhout.

Barroso Commission

Since 2005, the members of the Barroso Commission have been in the Berlaymont building. The President's office is in the last office in the building. The Barroso II Commission will conclude its five-year mandate in 2014. It currently consists of 27 commissioners.

A peculiar name

The building was built where the Dames du Berlaymont convent was. A two-hectare piece of land that was bought in 1960 by the Belgian state to build the European Commission. It was decided that the building would be named as the old convent that was there.

Visit the European Commission

The visits are reserved for groups of at least 15 people. You have to book in advance.

Location of the European Commission

How to get to the European Commission

  • Metro

    • Líneas 1 y 5 - Parada "Schuman"
  • Bus

    • Línea 63 - Parada "Ambriorix"