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Cinquantenaire Park and triumphal arch

Located in the European zone and a few meters from the European Commission, the Cinquantenaire is one of the symbols of Brussels. It was built by King Leopold II to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Belgium.

  • Parque del Cincuentenario y arco triunfal
    Parque del Cincuentenario y arco triunfal
  • Parque del Cincuentenario y arco triunfal
    Parque del Cincuentenario y arco triunfal
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Construction of the Cinquantenaire Park

At the end of the 19th century, taking advantage of the green areas of Brussels and one of the places where the nobility had their second residence, King Leopold II ordered the construction of the park to be built. Most significant is the chariot that divides the two areas for exhibitions and events in Brussels. These zones are large rooms where new machines and the most avant-garde material of the time were exhibited.

What to see in the Cinquantenaire Park

Today the park is a recreation area for people who live in the European area. The park hosts three museums: The Army Museum, Autoworld and the Cinquantenaire Museum (currently called Art & History Museum). Something you cannot miss in your visit to the Cinquantenaire Park are the views from the Arch of the 50th Anniversary. You can get in through the Army Museum and there is no fee to go up to the viewpoint of the building or to enter the museum. It has one of the best views of Brussels.

It is also interesting to take a walk along the nearby Montgomery Avenue, one of the most stately and expensive streets in the city. The atmosphere in uptown Brussels is more exclusive than in the lower part of the city.

Events in the Cinquantenaire Park

During spring and summer, festivals, markets and concerts in the park are very common. Considering that it rains in Brussels almost every day of the year, the city and the citizens like to take advantage of the months of light and sun to enjoy its unique parks. It is definitely a park full of life and with a unique atmosphere in the heart of the European area of ​​Brussels.

Location of the Cinquantenaire Park


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