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El Atomium

The Atomium is one of the iconic symbols of Brussels. With its 103 meters in height, it represents an iron atom increased 200,000 million times and was completely renovated in 2005.

  • Vista del Atomium de Bruselas
    Vista del Atomium de Bruselas
  • Detalle del Atomium de Bruselas
    Detalle del Atomium de Bruselas
  • Vista frontal del Atomium de Bruselas
    Vista frontal del Atomium de Bruselas
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The Atomium in Brussels was built for the Universal exhibition held in the European capital in 1958. As with the Eiffel Tower, during its construction it was widely criticized by the citizens. The architect and creator was André Waterkeyn, who had a very cutting-edge and groundbreaking idea for the time.

Atomium Dimensions

At 103 meters high, it represents an iron atom whose size has been increased 200,000 million times. It was renovated in 2005. Spectacular views of Brussels can be seen from the upper sphere, which houses a restaurant. More than content or exhibitions, what is interesting is André Waterkeyn's design: the nine 18-meter diameter spheres represent the nine provinces of Belgium.

Inside The Atomium

Not all the nine balls that make up the Atomium can be visited due to the structure of the atom. The exhibitions are temporary and are usually related to Brussels history and photography. The best views are on the top floor, where the Atomium restaurant is located. Would you be willing to eat at this restaurant or are you afraid of heights?

Is the Atomium worth visiting?

Inside The Atomium

Most impressive is the structure of the building. The Atomium was opened more than 50 years ago and is still avant-garde today. Its size, more than 100 meters, is impressive.

As we have said before, you must keep in mind that the views from the top of the Atomium are very good because they offer an incredible perspective of the city. It is a symbol of Belgium and Europe. Beyond its views, once in front of the structure you would like to discover its interior, so get on its elevator and walk through some of its balls. Get the ticket for the Atomium on our website and visit it on our Antwerp excursion. For just 25 euros we will visit the city of diamonds all day and make a short stop at the Atomium.

The Atomium at night

Atomium at night

You can enjoy one of the best views of the Atomium at night when all its balls light up. One of the best photos of Brussels, without any kind of doubt.

Location of the Atomium


  • Precio

    • General: 12 €
    • Mayor de 60 años: 9 €
    • Estudiantes entre 12 y 18 años: 8 €
    • Entre 6 y 11 años: 6 €
    • Menores de 6 años: Gratis
  • Precio Combinado MiniEuropa

    • General: 22,40 €
    • Entre 12 y 18 años y Mayores de 65 años: 19,60 €
    • Entre 6 y 11 años: 12 €
  • Horario

    • 10:00 a 18:00 h - Todos los días

    Restaurante hasta las 23:00 h

How to get to the Atomium

  • Metro

    • Línea 6 - Parada "Heysel"
  • Tranvía

    • Línea 51 - Parada "Heysel"
  • Bus

    • Líneas 84 y 88 - Parada "Heysel"