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Day Trip to Ghent

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  • 9h 30m
  • Transporte + Guía en Español

Discover this magnificent medieval city of Ghent with Buendía Tours and let yourself be guided through the narrow streets, colourful channels and magnificent squares. This fantastic Day Trip to Ghent will open your eyes and your mind!

  • Gravensteen's Castle in Ghent | Buendía Tours
    Gravensteen's Castle in Ghent | Buendía Tours
  • Ghent's town hall
    Ghent's town hall
  • Saint Nicolas Church in Ghent
    Saint Nicolas Church in Ghent
  • Medieval Cathedral and bridge in Ghent
    Medieval Cathedral and bridge in Ghent
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Itinerary Itinerary

We will depart at 08:30 am from the city centre of Brussels, and travel to the vibrant town of Ghent. Enjoy one of the most fascinating medieval cities in Europe with an English-speaking guide, and discover why in the 16th century it was the second largest city in the whole of Europe

You will have 4 hours of free time for lunch and entertainment after the guided tour to explore the city as you please. Our guides will recommend some of the most exclusive pastry shops, where you will find the best chocolate in the world, and you will also be able to pop into some of the museum shops where you will find Van Eyk art pieces or go to one of Ghent’s amazing beer pubs

Firstly, we will discover Ghent’s Town Hall, or Stadhuis. It is a huge building with a complex façade, and it seems to be formed by two buildings, but it is just a trick! The stark differences between both sides of the building is because they are built in different styles: the Hoogpoort side boasts an eye-catching Late Gothic style that dates from the early 16th century, while the later Botermarkt side is built in the Renaissance style.

One of the three famous towers in the Ghent sky belongs to Saint Bavo's Cathedral, another stop on our tour. Saint Bavo is the patron saint of Ghent, he was born into a rich family in Liege and lived between 589 and 654. Before the cathedral, a 10th century church and a 12th century Romanesque church were built in the very same spot. The cathedral’s protagonist is the Ghent Altarpiece, or ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’, painted by the van Eyck brothers, Hubert and Jan. It is one of the most influential paintings ever made and is renowned in the whole world as an astounding artwork.

The second tower is the town’s belfry, Het Belfort van Gent, that stands proudly at 91 meters tall with the city’s mascot , a fierce dragon, at the very top. This dragon observes the city of Ghent and protects its inhabitants from harm. Our guide will tell us the history of this dragon and how it got to be at the top of Ghent’s Belfry

We will also visit the Korenmarkt, or the Wheat Market, the main square of Ghent. Not only a place full of history, but also a monumental spot to unwind surrounded by amazing architecture. Nearby we will find Saint Nicholas’ Church, the third of Ghent’s towers and an amazing example of Scheldt Gothic style

Next stop, the Mason's Guild Hall. It had been considerably run down until 1976, when this building was renovated, giving its original splendour back to its city. Our guide will tell us about all the symbolism that surrounds this great piece of architecture

We will cross the Sint-Michielsbrug bridge, with a perfect romantic background to take great photos, and visit the Sint-Michielsbrug church, where we will find the famous painting ‘Christ on the Cross’ by Anthony Van Dyck. The church contains others paintings and sculptures by famous masters, so it is definitely worth the time

We will walk along the stunning Graslei and Korenlei, the quays of the old port of Ghent, a beautiful place close to the river where you can sit down and take in the breathtaking views. Characterized by a relaxed atmosphere, this area attracts tourists and local people alike

Other places we will see are the Great Butcher's Hall, a great market if you are looking for traditional products; the Kleine Vismarkt, a monumental building with marvelous industrial event halls; and St. Veerleplein, the only remaining medieval castle with three standing remains of its defence system, the oldest of its kind in Flanders

All this and much more, in the Day Trip to Ghent from Brussels with Buendia Tours,. If you are looking for more unique experiences during your stay in Brussels, we have prepared many activities for you to fall in love with this beautiful city and the surrounding places

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At Carrefour de l’Europe, under the columns of the main entrance of the station Brussel-Centraal, in front of the Hilton Grand Place hotel.

Look for our guides, with the English flag in a black umbrella. You will also see the logo of Buendia Tours.

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