Day Trip to Córdoba with visit to the Mosque from Seville

Get ready to immerse yourself in culture on this guided tour of the city center of Cordoba, where you'll have free time to wander among its patios. Of course, tickets to the Mosque are included, so you won't miss a thing. We can't wait to see you!

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Walking through Cordoba means strolling along its narrow streets, adorned with white walls and flower pots of all colors. No wonder it smells so good! But it's not just the scent that makes it the city with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, nor why Christopher Columbus and the Catholic Monarchs decided to have their first meeting here. Discover all its secrets with us!

From Seville, we'll take you right to the heart of Cordoba to tell you the most important details, explain the most famous monuments, and share with you the secrets of this fascinating culture.

We'll walk through its Historic Center, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and approach Calle Torrijos, where the Star of Wishes is located, promising to fulfill the desires of those who touch it. Are you brave enough? Be careful what you wish for, it might come true!

Did you know that the Plaza de la Corredera had various uses, such as a venue for public executions, a jail, a bullring, and a market? What do you think the Calleja del Pañuelo -Handkerchief Alley- got its name from? We'll give you two options: because its width is the size of a handkerchief when stretched diagonally, or because a famous silk merchant used to live there, whose fabrics were so expensive that most people could only afford to buy a handkerchief. Visit it and unveil the secret.

We have a thousand stories to tell you during our tour! Plus, you'll have a couple of hours of free time to wander around its streets and famous patios, enjoying at your own pace the city's most hidden and magical corners.

Ready for a break before we talk about the imposing Mosque? Extra booking our traditional menu and Enjoy Cordoba's gastronomy. Did you know that Cordoba holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Flamenquín -a typical Cordoban dish-  in the world, measuring 51 meters in length? Could you handle it? Don't get too full, we still have more to see!

We arrive at the Mosque, and by the way, its tickets are included. Did you know that the famous Patio de los Naranjos -Orange Tree Courtyard-, despite its name, did not have orange trees when it was built? The Mosque of Cordoba was the largest mosque in the world during the 10th century.

Its impressive architecture will leave you awestruck all the way, but the best, undoubtedly, are its stories. There's a legend that, beneath the city, there's a secret passage that connects the Mosque with Medina Azahara. Wouldn't it be great to discover it?

After several hours of walking, don't worry! The bus is right there to help you rest. We're going back to Seville! Don't you think this is one of the most comfortable tours in Andalusia? Book now!



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