Free Gastronomic Tour of Bruges

If you consider trying local cuisine a must when visiting a different country or region, this Food Tour Bruges is made just for you! Discover the true flavour of the spectacular medieval town. Also Booking is FREE!

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Belgian cuisine is renowned for its fusion of avant-garde French cuisine and traditional Belgian food, and the combination of delicious flavours and the majestic Flemish city results in an unforgettable experience that every traveller deserves to enjoy.

Thanks to the gourmet-oriented tour designed by our expert guides, you will discover the most important and influential local dishes.

The tour begins right in the centre of the city, where we get to try one of Belgium's most famous specialities: chocolate. Belgian chocolate is not only renowned but also delicious, a true delicacy so appreciated worldwide that the country produces over 725000 tonnes every year! There is no need to worry, there is enough chocolate for all of us...

Another typical dessert that everybody should try when in Bruges is the Belgian waffle. You can eat them with fruit, chocolate or sugar, but one thing remains the same: they are delicious! Our guides will take you to the most iconic gaufrerie in town for an authentic experience.

The third sweet you will get to try on this tour are the cuberdons, a small local speciality made with Arabic gum and glucose syrup and shaped like a pyramid. Originally, they were always raspberry flavoured, but now you will be able to choose between a large selection of flavours. We are sure you are going to love them!

After all of that delicious sugar it's time for some savoury food, and what can be better than the famous frites! You might have tried chips, French fries, fried potatoes...but here everything tastes better, and we guarantee you will have never eaten anything so good. In Bruges, frites are presented inside a cone-shaped piece of paper, ideal for eating while walking around its beautiful streets.

Last but not least, some Belgian beer to quench our first. The beer in this country needs no introduction, and our guides will help you decide which is the perfect one for you. The best way to end our tour is with a toast!

This Food Tour is perfect for anyone visiting Bruges, since it helps you discover or rather savour another side of the city, one that you are going to love...

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