Red Light District Tour

Our walking tour of Amsterdam's Red-Light District offers you the opportunity to experience one of the most famous attractions of the Netherlands capital. It is a reality that we must approach in order to fully understand the city and the life it harbors. Discover it with us!


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Important note: Municipal regulations prohibit us from touring certain parts of the famous Red-Light District, but we will have the opportunity to visit iconic areas of the city that feature window displays. Our team of guides always ensures the safety and compliance with all current regulations and respects the workers within the district.

Shall we begin? Walking around the former city wall, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of sexual freedom in Amsterdam, as well as some of the most surprising businesses in the world. Did you know that the city has a custom condom shop? We will also visit some of the most original establishments with the most surprising items.

We will discover the oldest church in the city surrounded by windows, and we will meet “Belle”. Who is she? She is the most famous sex worker in the city, and her story will convey a very important message to us. We will walk through the busiest street in Amsterdam while discovering the most interesting venues, such as bars where marijuana and hashish consumption is allowed, or even discovering the famous coffee shops in the city.

What should you order in such a place? What should you keep in mind before entering? What risks will you face if you decide to consume? Where can you find the most delicious magic cakes? These are the questions we want to answer while you enjoy this tour of Amsterdam's Red-Light District.

During this two-hour visit, you will discover the history of the origin of prostitution in Amsterdam, as well as receive the most original instructions for enjoying the most genuine places in the capital. You will learn not only the reason for the neighborhood's existence, but also how it is composed and organized, how sex work is regulated, and what safety and hygiene measures all customers must follow when accessing the booths.

At the end of the visit, you will learn more about the history and operation of this particular destination. In addition, our guides will update you on the future plans of the City Council for this area and convey the different points of view involved in the decision-making about Amsterdam's Red-Light District. What does the Dutch government defend? What is the stance of the neighbors and Amsterdamers? What do sex workers think about the proposed changes?

The guided tour of Amsterdam's Red-Light District is the best way to discover the reality of a place that, although we all know it exists, we do not fully understand. During two hours, you will enjoy a privileged space to ask all the questions you always wanted to ask but never dared to. An afternoon to discover new stories and be amazed by each new fact while having fun walking through one of the most magnetic cities in the world. Book now!



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    Official local tourist guide


    The visit is carried out in English

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    *From 01/01/2020, all people who participate in any tourist activity in the city of Amsterdam are subject to the payment of €1.50 as entertainment tax which, in the case of Free Tours, will be charged at the beginning of the tour. Keep in mind that this local tax is additional and will be applied, regardless of the operating company, without implying any benefit for the companies or guides.

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