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Guided Tour around the Alhambra

  • 1h 45m
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In the majority of tourist visits to Granada, the Alhambra and the well-known Patio of the Lions take center stage. However, in the surroundings of the Alhambra there are spectacular places and monuments that also deserve recognition and that are discovered by tourists who decide to travel to Granada. Therefore, with Buendía Tours you have the opportunity to take a guided tour around the Alhambra.

  • Puerta de la Justicia , punto de encuentro de nuestro tour de la Alhambra
    Puerta de la Justicia , punto de encuentro de nuestro tour de la Alhambra
  • Plaza de los Aljibes, imprescindible en tu visita a la Alhambra
    Plaza de los Aljibes, imprescindible en tu visita a la Alhambra
  • Fachada Palacio Carlos V: descúbrelo en esta visita guiada por el entorno de la Alhambra
    Fachada Palacio Carlos V: descúbrelo en esta visita guiada por el entorno de la Alhambra
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About Guided Tour around the Alhambra Intro

Thanks to this visit, we will be able to focus on aspects that are somewhat more forgotten for the visitor. We will walk through its walls, its most emblematic gates and squares, as well as later construction buildings that together make up a monumental complex, admired and coveted by visitors who come from all over the world. Join this visit to have a unique experience and a complete and essential vision of the most visited place in the country with one of our expert guides.

Itinerary Itinerary

We begin our itinerary at The Gate of Justice, also popularly known as Gate of the Esplanade. Converted into a symbol of the Alhambra, it is one of the four doors of this site considered a World Heritage Site. It was built in 1348.

Next to it and in the middle of the esplanade, there are two pillars: Charles V’s Pilar and another, simpler, dedicated by the city of Granada to the American writer Washington Irving, coinciding with the centenary of his death (1859). However, the great symbol of this Door is the hand in the key of the arch of the facade and the key in the center of the inner arch (both Islamic symbols), in contrast to two other Christian symbols (the Virgin and Child) placed above the foundational Arabic inscription on the door by order of the Catholic Monarchs.

During this journey through the surroundings of the Alhambra, we will also be able to see up close some remains of the imposing wall that protected the city. In fact, the length of the walls increased due to population growth. Thus, in addition to the zirí wall of the 10th century, they were expanded in the Nasrid period, closing the upper Albaicín neighborhood and the Jewish quarter.

Among the remains of the walls, you can also see some of the towers and access gates to the city.

The next stop of the visit is the Square of the Cisterns. It was discovered during excavations in 1955 and its name refers to some cisterns built by the Count of Tendilla in 1494. Years later they were buried along with the streets and squares around them, thus becoming the Square of the Cisterns, an esplanade that on one side it has the towers and defenses of the Alhambra and, on the other, the Arab Palaces, the Charles V Palace and the Wine Gate. From here you can enjoy wonderful views of the Albaicín and the Sacromonte.

From this square, we can see the Charles V Palace, considered a masterpiece of the Renaissance. Its construction began in 1527 with the aim of becoming the royal residence of the emperor and connecting it with his summer residence. To build the palace, part of the Alhambra had to be demolished. The most curious thing is that nobody came to live in the Palace and its entire construction was not completed until 1957 due to various problems throughout history: lack of funds, uprisings, ...

Another place that we will discover during our tour is the Church of Santa María de la Alhambra. It was built on top of the site of the Great Mosque and was completed in the 17th century. It has a Latin cross plan and side chapels but, without a doubt, what stands out most is the baroque altarpiece from 1671 or the Crucified one.

We will discover the most artistic part of this guided tour around the Alhambra in a craft workshop. Craftsmanship was always a fundamental pillar of the city, which had its great bazaar in the Alcaicería where, for example, silk was sold and made.

Finally, we will visit the Old Royal Chapel, where the Catholic Monarchs are buried.

Meeting Point

Door of Justice of the Alhambra

Address: Calle Real de la Alhambra, 18, 18009 Granada

  • Calle Real de la Alhambra 18
    • 18009 Granada


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