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Guided Tour Alhambra: Generalife, Charles V Palace & Alcazaba

Although probably one of the most famous areas of the Alhambra is the Patio of the Lions, this Granada monument of Arab origin is made up of a set of palaces, gardens and a fortress. For this reason, with Buendía Tours you have the opportunity to enjoy a visit to the Alhambra, where the Generalife, Charles V Palace and the Alcazaba are also protagonists.

  • Discover the resting place of the Nasrid Kings of Granada
    Discover the resting place of the Nasrid Kings of Granada
  • Generalife of Granada
    Generalife of Granada
  • The Alcazaba at dawn, the whole of the Alhambra is declared a World Heritage Site
    The Alcazaba at dawn, the whole of the Alhambra is declared a World Heritage Site
  • Interior of the Carlos V Palace
    Interior of the Carlos V Palace
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About Guided Tour Alhambra: Generalife, Charles V Palace & Alcazaba Intro

During this tour we will pass through the fascinating Generalife Gardens as well as the oldest part of the Alhambra: the Alcazaba. We will also visit the Palace of Carlos V, later built and which houses important information to understand the whole. Join the visit of the site with our expert guide and you will enjoy a unique experience.

Itinerary Itinerary

We will begin our visit to the Alhambra approaching to see the Generalife, which was the recreation area for the kings of Granada when they wanted to be calm and get away from the official life of the Palace.

Although it is part of the monumental complex of the Alhambra, it was formerly considered to be outside the city. Currently, the Generalife is made up of two sets of buildings that remain connected thanks to the Patio of the Irrigation Ditch. However, despite research and studies, it is difficult to know with certainty what the Generalife was originally like since various modifications and constructions were carried out throughout the Christian era.

Unlike the Alhambra, the Generalife is a single but very simple building. It does not contain excessive decorative motifs. This gives us an idea of ​​the most important thing for the monarchs when they retired in the Generalife was to rest.

The construction of the palace through which we will continue our guided tour of the Alhambra began in 1527. We are talking about the Charles V Palace, which the emperor decided to build because he needed a place with all the comforts for himself and his family. They already had the Alcazaba but it was a summer residence and they considered that it did not cover all their needs.

To build the palace, part of the Alhambra had to be demolished. Its construction, commissioned by the architect Pedro Machuca, was not completely completed until 1957 and the whole process went through several stages, funds were lacking, some uprisings interrupted the works and even some roofs sank due to abandonment. Despite everything, today it is considered a masterpiece of the Renaissance.

From the Charles V Palace, we will go to the Alcazaba of the Alhambra, a building to which it is attached because, as we have said, the emperor wanted his official residence and his summer house to be connected.

The Alcazaba is one of the oldest parts of the Alhambra. The first references to this Arab Alcazaba date back to the 9th century. The current complex is the work of Mohamed I who decided to turn it into an authentic fortress, with its wall, defenses and towers. The Alcazaba was a royal residence even during the reign of his son and successor Mohamed II. Later the use of this Granada fortress was purely military.

With the reconquest of the Catholic Monarchs, the Alcazaba underwent major repairs. As a curiosity, several times, including during the French occupation, it was used as a prison. Both the Alcazaba and the Alhambra were neglected for a long time. Fortunately, thanks to the restoration work today we can enjoy this Granada monumental complex.

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Main gate of the Alhambra, in front of the wall map

Address: Paseo de la Sabica, 1, 18009 Granada

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