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  • Typical and Beautifull Streets of Córdoba with Buendía Tours
    Typical and Beautifull Streets of Córdoba with Buendía Tours
  • The Roman Bridge was featured in Season 5 of Game of Thrones
    The Roman Bridge was featured in Season 5 of Game of Thrones
  •  Cordoba's Mezquita is the third-largest mosque in the world!
    Cordoba's Mezquita is the third-largest mosque in the world!
  • Salmorejo, Cordovan dish par excellence
    Salmorejo, Cordovan dish par excellence
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The third largest and most populated city in Andalusia lived its years of maximum splendor as the capital of the Emirate of Córdoba while, later, it was the most cultured region in Europe during the Caliphate of Córdoba. All this historical and cultural breeding ground is translated into the fact that Córdoba is currently the city in the world with the most UNESCO World Heritage titles.

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The meeting point of our Free Tour of Córdoba is the Tourist Office located at 5 Ángel de Saavedra Street.

We will take our first steps through the winding Calleja de la Hoguera, a living example of the Sephardic heritage left to us by the Jews. In this street, we will also see the Islamic University "Averroes", where it is possible to study Arabic philology, sciences of Islam and Andalusian culture.

We continue discovering the Jewish Quarter of Córdoba until we reach Cardenal Salazar Square, where we also find another study center. In this case, the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. Nearby is a popular Craft Market, where there are still local artisans working in their workshops. The official name of this space is Municipal Souk of Córdoba. A few meters from this craft market we find the Statue of Maimonides, a philosopher of Jewish origin who was born in Córdoba and is one of the great thinkers and scholars of Judaism.

We left the statue behind us to have a first contact with Córdoba's Arab past at the Puerta de Almodóvar, through which it was possible to access the interior of the ancient walls of the Caliphate city. There are still some remains of these defensive walls in the city. Specifically, there are still five walled enclosures in Córdoba: the Alcázar Viejo, the Ajerquía, the Castillo de la Judería, the Huerta del Alcázar and the Villa. It should be noted that although the first walls of the city are of Roman origin, during the Muslim domination they were in a terrible state and the Arabs rebuilt them.

In addition to Maimonides, there is another historical figure from Córdoba to whom the city pays homage with a statue located on Calle Cairuán. It is a tribute to Averroes, who was an Andalusian doctor and philosopher who, throughout his life, was a qadi in Seville, Córdoba and Marrakech.

We will continue the Free Tour of Córdoba through two very picturesque corners of the city: the Calleja de la Luna and the Calleja del Salmorejo Cordobés which, as many of you know, is the most popular dish of the local gastronomy.

In the final stretch of this visit to Córdoba we will see some of its main tourist attractions. First, we will discover the surroundings of the Castle of the Christian Monarchs of Córdoba (also known as Alcázar), an old fortress that, after the reconquest of the Catholic Monarchs, became a royal residence for several years. From here we will reach the Roman Bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir river. The bridge was built in the 1st century BC and, as incredible as it may seem in a city with so much history, it was the only bridge in Córdoba for 20 centuries.

From the bridge, we will once again access the historic center of Córdoba through the Puerta del Puente, one of the three doors that remain. The other two are the Puerta de Sevilla and the Puerta de Almodóvar. A few minutes away we will find the most popular and most traditional monument in the historic center of the city: the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. During the Middle Ages it was considered the second largest mosque in the world, a grandeur and splendor that it still preserves today and makes millions of tourists come to this corner of Andalusia to see it in the first person.

With this Free Tour of Córdoba, in addition to enjoying strolling through the city, you will learn about its history, culture and a Roman, Arab and Jewish legacy that make Córdoba a city with a lot of charm.

If you want to discover more about the city, be sure to consider our complete visit around Córdoba

Meeting Point

The meeting point for our Free Tour in Córdoba is the historic center of the city.

Address: Calle Ángel de Saavedra nº5 14003 Córdoba 

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