Trip to Potes and Santillana from Santander

Why do they call Santillana del Mar as the town of the three lies? Discover the secrets of one of the two most beautiful villages in Cantabria. The other one? Charming corners, cobbled streets and many bridges. We're talking about Potes, of course. Book now!

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We will pick you up in Santander with our low-emission bus, show you the most picturesque corners of Cantabria and then, take you back to the start. On the bus, don't fall asleep, the guide's explanations start as soon as you set foot in the vehicle. Can there be a more comfortable journey?

Santillana del mar 

We don't want to tell you too much, just a hint! The town of the three lies has something to do with the fact that it doesn't have a cathedral, it's not exactly flat and it doesn't have a sea. We'll open a debate, and we'll clear it up for you during the tour! 

The walk along Calle Juan Infante will start to put us in the right mood. Get ready for a journey back several centuries. Welcome to the Middle Ages! The stone houses with wrought iron and wooden balconies full of flowers and their coats of arms and family crests carved on their facades will make you feel like you are in a gladiator movie. 

We'll take a look at the various medieval Gothic-style towers scattered around the city: Torre del Merino and Torre de Don Borja; a stop at the Town Hall and the Casa de la Parra and Casa del Águila. And of course, we'll stop at the most photographed house in the Plaza Mayor, known as Casa del Cura. Why? You'll have to find out there.

We'll tell you about the history of the Palacio de los Velarde and one of its best-preserved treasures: the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana. Don't forget to take some souvenirs with you! Our recommendation? Sobaos and anchovies. Get on the bus and we'll continue!


In 2020, Potes was chosen as the most beautiful inland village in Spain by Lonely Planet magazine. Let's discover together why!

Let yourself be captivated by its scenic beauty as it is located in the centre of the Liébana region, at the confluence of four valleys and the mouth of the river Deva and its tributary, the river Quiviesa. So, it is normal the city has important bridges. In fact, did you know that…? Potes means "Bridge" in Roman.

Its old buildings of traditional architecture, the wooden balconies, the steep streets and the mountains that surround it will make you fall in love at first sight with its medieval air. Attention! Wear comfortable shoes because we are going to get lost in its cobblestone streets. 

We'll stroll along Calle Obispo, Barrio del Sol, Barrio Colgante, Plaza, and we'll see monuments and buildings with a lot of history. For example, Torre del Infantado, a medieval fortification from the 14th century, is nowadays the Town Hall of Potes, but… It used to be a prison! We tell you the whole story. 

Time for lunch! There will also be free time for you to try the exquisite local gastronomy. Dare you try a typical Lebaniego stew?  It's the typical dish of the region: Chickpeas, cabbage, pork sausage, black pudding, bacon, veal, breadcrumbs… You won't go hungry!

A comfortable and complete excursion with history and culture and with free time to enjoy whatever you want at that moment. Don't think about it, book now!



    10 hours aprox


    • Local guide in English
    • Round trip by private bus
    • Guided tour of Santillana del Mar and Potes
    • Rest stop in Unquera and its famous and giants sweets "corbatas" and "palmeras".


    The visit is conducted in English


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