Trip to Antwerp & Ghent + Atomium

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Wander through the channels of Ghent, lose yourself in the stylish atmosphere of Antwerp and complete your journey visiting the city of Rubens.

  • Medieval Cathedral and bridge over a channel in Ghent
    Medieval Cathedral and bridge over a channel in Ghent
  • Brussels' Atomium, the country's symbol
    Brussels' Atomium, the country's symbol
  • Brabo's fountain in the Market Square
    Brabo's fountain in the Market Square
  • Antwerp Central Station
    Antwerp Central Station
  • Grevesteen's Castel in Ghent
    Grevesteen's Castel in Ghent
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If you are planning to visit Brussels, you cannot lose the chance to discover the waffles and diamonds cities with Buendia Tours, avoiding public transportation issues. Get involved in the commercial influence of the third largest maritime harbor of Europe with our English-speaking guide and let yourself be guided through the smooth streets, colourful houses and elegant squares.

The perfect combining tour if you have already visited Bruge!

Itinerary of the trip to Antwerp & Ghent + Atomium from Brussels

Departure at 08:30 am from the centre of Brussels, where you will visit the amazing Atomium. You will be then taken to the majestic town of Antwerp, where the locals are named "sinjoren", the gentlemen. Enjoy one of the most artistic cities in Europe with an English-speaking guide, and discover why all merchants were attracted by this city. 

You will have 1h30 as free time for lunch after the guided tour so as to explore the city as you please. Our guides will recommend you some of the exclusive shops, where you will find the best belgium fries, and pop into some of the legendary diamonds workshops.

What are we going to visit in Antwerp?

  • Steenplein

With the skyline and the river on the background, you will enjoy a small introduction to the history of the city.

  • Steen Castle

Steen in Dutch means stone, so here you will be explained the history of the building that protects the access to the city from from Scalda river.

  • Grote Markt

In this emblematic square, we will discover the Town Hall, the different guild houses and the legend behind the sculpture of Standbeeld van Brabo.

  • St Borromeo Charles Church

The church is known for its Baroque architecture and for Rubens influence, who contributed to the decorations on the facade.

  • Cathedral of Our Lady

The Cathedral is an impressive treasury, with an stunning collection of several art works, including a series of paintings by Rubens.

  • Groenplaats

The square is one of the most prominent places of the city. It is located near the old cathedral and cemetery and it has become the current “Green Square”.

After visiting Antwerp, we will explore Ghent, the Flemish city with the largest number of historical buildings. This is a destination that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Belgium, since it is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe.

After the guided tour, you will have 1h30 as free time to explore the city as you please. Taste some of the exclusive Ghent delicatessen shops, where you will find the best Flemish food and local breweries, and pop into some of the legendary channels.

What are we going to visit in Ghent?

  • Ghent Town Hall (Stadhuis)

It is a huge building with a complex façade. it seems to be formed by two buildings, but it is a trick!

  • The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb

The Ghent Altarpiece, or ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’, is one of the most impressive pieces of art, painted by the van Eyck brothers, Hubert and Jan

  • Het Belfort van Gent

The 91-metre-tower is famous for its Dragon, which observes Ghent and protects its inhabitants

  • Saint Bavo's Cathedral

Saint Bavo is the patron saint of Ghent: he lived between 589 and 654 and he was born in a rich family of Liege.

  • Saint Nicholas Church

Gothic example close to Korenmarkt square

  • Mason's Guild Hall

Before 1976 no one remembered its presence, but in 1976 this building was renovated, giving it back to its city!

  • Korenmarkt

Not only a place full of history, but also a monumental area where to take a nap.

  • Sint-Michielsbrug bridge

The perfect romantic scenery for your photos and selfies!

  • Sint-Michielsbrug church

Here you will find the famous painting ‘Christ on the Cross’ by Anthony Van Dyck. The church contains others paintings and sculptures by famous masters.

  • Graslei and Korenlei

A beautiful place close to the river where to sit down and explore with your senses. Characterized by a relaxed atmosphere, this area attracts both tourists and local people.

  • Great Butcher's Hall

If you are looking for traditional products, you have to step into this amazing market!

  • Kleine Vismarkt

In this monumental building you’ll find marvellous, industrial event halls.

  • St. Veerleplein

It is the only remaining mediaeval castle with the remaining part of a large intact defence system, the oldest in Flanders.

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