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Discover with our Free Tour Berlín the third most visited city in Europe, and there is no better way of getting to know it, together with its history full of dramatic events and changes, than with our fantastic tour. Besides that, booking it's FREE!!

  • Memorial to the Holocaust we tell you the story behind the monument in our free tour Berlin
    Memorial to the Holocaust we tell you the story behind the monument in our free tour Berlin
  • Berlin Cathedral, discover its fascinating history on our Free Tour
    Berlin Cathedral, discover its fascinating history on our Free Tour
  • Alexanderplatz in Berlin with the Television Tower in the background
    Alexanderplatz in Berlin with the Television Tower in the background
  • Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin
    Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin
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About Free Tour Berlín Intro

Every new location we discover throughout our tour, helps us recognise and understand the scars that its own past has left in this city, as well as the wonders of its splendid and fascinating present, and even future, that adorn the German capital, making it so special. Because visiting Berlin, with all its squares, monuments, museums, etc., allows you to immerse yourself in the history of Germany, Europe and the World, by simply walking through its streets, led by our expert guides.

Itinerary Itinerary

The Free Tour Berlin allows you to enjoy a beautiful walk, about three hours long, while visiting squares, streets, and monuments with a rich history, as well as reliving past situations. The first monument we visit on our tour is Brandenburg Gate, a marvellous and stunning construction that once was a symbol of German division. It has been a silent witness to many historic events, from Nazi parades to a Reagan speech in 1987 where he famously said: Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

We learn about the history of the Neptunbrunnen, or Fountain of Neptune, one of Berlin's most beautiful fountains, located in between St. Mary's church and the Rotes Rathaus, the local Town Hall. Next on our route is Berlin's Cathedral, a Baroque-style monument near the river Spree, and the most important protestant church in Berlin.

The tour now leads us to Spree Island, also known as Museum Island due to the five different museums it's home to. The whole complex is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. The Neue Wache, on Unter den Linden boulevard, still a part of Mitte district, serves as the Central Memorial for all War and Dictatorship Victims, and features the famous sculpture Mother and her dead son.

We then visit Bebelplatz, home to the Old Royal Library and the Opera House, as well as to the infamous Nazi book burnings in 1933. Gendarmenmarkt, is our next destination, surrounded by three stunning monuments: the French Cathedral, the German Cathedral or Neue Kirche, and Schinkel Konzerthaus.

Our guides take us to visit Checkpoint Charlie, the most important border crossing point during the Cold War together with Glienicker Brücke. It divided the West from the East, Capitalism from Communism, Freedom from confinement, until 1989, and today it remains an iconic location.

The Detlev Rohwedder House, the old Nazi Ministry of Aviation, remains intact for us to see at Wilhelmstrasse. Today it serves as home to the Federal Finance Ministry, and still keeps some elements that remind us of its past. Our Free Tour Berlin also takes you to discover the original location of Hitler's old bunker. In sharp contrast, the Holocaust Memorial, honoring the almost six million Jews murdered during the Nazi Holocaust, is a somber but spectacular place. 2711 concrete blocks, each one telling a story, make for a location that perfect for quietly reflecting and contemplating.

If you want to discover more about the city, be sure to consider our Free Tour Berlin Wall and Free Tour Berlin Alternative

Meeting Point

Our guides will wait  in Brandenburg Gate, in front of USA Embassy.

Address: Alexanderpl. 5-7, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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