Antwerp Free Tour by Night


  • 1h 30m
Grote Markt





If you are planning to visit Belgium, you cannot lose the chance to discover the rich history, stunning views and vibrant nightlife, get involved in the best spots for twilight sightseeing of Flanders’ biggest city. Besides that, booking it's ¡FREE!

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You will be driven through the majestic town of Antwerp, where the locals are named "sinjoren", the gentlemen. Enjoy one of the most artistic cities in Europe with an English-speaking guide, and discover why all merchants were attracted by this city. 

At the end of the tour you will leave with a deeper understanding of our beloved city with a free beer in one of Antwerp’s most happiest bars.

What are some of the spots that we are going to visit in Antwerp by night?

  • Grote Markt

In this emblematic square, we will discover the Town Hall, the different guild houses and the legend behind the sculpture of Standbeeld van Brabo.

  • Antwerp bustling nightlife

  • Red Light District

Antwerp’s red light district is the ideal place between the bustling city centre and the trendy neighbourhood.

  • Top of MAS Museum

It is the largest museum in Antwerp and it has a wonderful view over the city and its harbour.

To finish the tour, we usually bring the tourists to The happening bar to take a beer altogether



    • 1h 30 min aprox


    • English guide speaker


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Meeting point

Our guides will be waiting at Grote Markt

  • 7 Grote Markt
    • 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium