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WONDR Experience Amsterdam

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Discover the WONDR Experience Amsterdam and get ready for the most magical interactive experience! You won't believe what your eyes are seeing! Bright lights, colours, shooting stars, and even fun slides, make this amazing activity so special.

  • The funniest museum in Amsterdam, your favorite Instagram photos
    The funniest museum in Amsterdam, your favorite Instagram photos
  • An experience for all the senses
    An experience for all the senses
  • Let's have fun!
    Let's have fun!
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Why you should choose WONDR Experience Why you should choose WONDR Experience

Come visit WONDR and enjoy a different experience, where nothing is what it seems, and take the craziest photos that will have everyone on your Instagram feed feeling jealous. A dreamlike world full of colour, creative freedom and new sensations to explore! In this museum you can get lost in a jungle, swim across seas of pink clouds, dance under a glittery sky and much, much more…

With over 1200 square meters and 15 different rooms, each decorated in a unique colourful way, get ready for Amsterdam's fun centre, where every photo you take will be unique and spectacular. A true paradise for Instagrammers and TikTokers!

Let your imagination run wild and get creative! In a swimming pool full of pink bubbles, in a tearoom that looks like what you would see on a classic painting, on a blue slide surrounded by sweet marshmallow, or in an open-air disco under a starry night, you have everything you need for an unforgettable photoshoot.

WONDR Experience is a one of its kind activities, developed by hundreds of innovators that worked together to create every single room and detail that you will enjoy during your visit. For the two-hour duration of the experience, you'll be able to explore the museum freely and discover the secrets of each area for yourself.

Since it's located in the modern district of Amsterdam Noord, known for its cultural events and modern underground art, after experiencing WONDR you can have a walk through beautiful, graffiti decorated streets and markets


Address: Meeuwenlaan 88, 1021 JK Amsterdam

  • Meeuwenlaan 88
    • 1021 JK Ámsterdam, Países Bajos


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