Day trip to Gouda, Volendam and Zaanse Schans


  • 10 hours
We will konw the iconic places of Gouda, such as the town hall
Gouda is the Venice of Holland for his cannals
The first stop will be to taste the Volendam cheese...
... In a village on the shores of the Markermeer lake
The best mills in Holland are in Zaanse Schans

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Visit in just one day the best places in the Netherlands, enjoy an excursion to the city of Gouda and the villages of the Dutch countryside. Get on our bus!


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The surroundings of Amsterdam are home to some of the best places in the Netherlands. Spend an original and entertaining day in the dutch countryside in Volendam and Zaanse Schans. But before we see the more traditional Holland... How about a visit to the 'dutch Venice'? We are talking about Gouda, also famous for its cheese. Do you know it? I'm sure you do, but the time has come to visit it at home. Come with us, we're waiting for you!


Gouda is one of the most beautiful towns in the Netherlands. A little paradise where cheese is the main protagonist. And we will get off the bus to get to know the historic centre. We will visit the gardens and the most important buildingsBut what about the cheese? Don't worry! We'll get to know all its secrets as we meander through the city, along streets such as Lange Groenendaal and Korte Groenendaal. 

Did you know that fair trade in the Netherlands started in Gouda? We'll tell you all about it! We will also pass the Town Hall and, if you are lucky enough to be there on a Thursday between April and August.... You will see the cheese market! Otherwise, you won't want to miss out on the sweet taste of Gouda, because we'll also tell you what stroopwafels are

And before we leave, we will visit other charming places such as the Sint-Janskerk church. And after Gouda, the next stop is... Volendam!


Have you had a rest on the bus? The picture of the dutch countryside is sure to take your mind off everything. We'll get off the bus in Volendam, a small fishing village, and stroll through its colorful houses. But the moment you've been waiting for will come in the shopping area. We will visit a cheese factory and taste some of its best varieties.

But as cheese alone won't fill you up, we will also try some of Volendam's best biscuits. The mythical stroopwafles! After this you will have some free time to continue eating and exploring the town at your leisure. What will you leave here with? Keep the cheese you take with you on the bus, we'll eat it!

Zaanse Schans

You'll be in Zaanse Schans in no time at all. Welcome to windmill paradise! The most beautiful postcard of the dutch countryside is here. And one of its greatest charms is the traditional trades that still prevail. That's why we'll take you to a clog factory to see how clogs are made. A real journey back in time!

As you can see, we propose you a day full of contrasts, knowing the most modern and traditional part of the Netherlands. A unique and very and enjoyable experience that will sure captivate you. Don't hesitate about it and make your reservation! It will be a day you'll never forget!



    • 10 hours aprox


    • English guide
    • Two-way transport in a private bus
    • Guided tour to Gouda
    • Guided tour to Volendam and Zannse Schans
    • Visit to a craft crog factory
    • Visit to a craft cheese factory


    • The visit is conducted in English


    You have the possibility of adding food in a typical restaurant to your excursion. The Menu that is offered is the following, to choose from among these three options:

    • Variation of fried fish specialty’s served with season salad and homemade fries

    • Grilled chicken breast with a soy sauce served with season salad and homemade fries

    • Vegetarian smoked avocado burger served with season salad and homemade fries

    * Bread and water included

    Cancellation Policy

    • Cancellation is free and free of charge up to 24 hours before the activity. If you cancel with less time, arrive late or do not show up, no refund will be offered

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